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 on: Today at 09:18:16 PM 
Started by Ben - Last post by dogmush
Be aware that chucking a pin vise and or smaller chuck into a bigger chuck adds rotational inertia (which helps snap smaller pits) as well as runout.  Runout is not normally an issue with hand drilling although I have seen some Home Depot grade chucks that had enough runout you couldn't use them even in a hand drill, so it's worth remembering.

I would also caution that issues with chucks and cost cutting aren't just their size, but their holding as well.  I *expletive deleted*ed up a lot of nice drill bits and driver bits by letting them spin in chucks that you couldn't possibly get tight enough due to crap design and assembly.  For a screw gun that will mostly run hex driver bits, not a big deal, but for a drill and drill bits, especially small ones, it can make a big difference.

I've been slowly changing the chucks on my main drills out to vintage Jacobs Super Chucks (which are rebuildable) as I find deals on ebay.  I confess, my cordless still wears the craptastic keyless it came with, but I no longer put round things in it.

 on: Today at 09:00:01 PM 
Started by HeroHog - Last post by dogmush
We're getting there......

 on: Today at 08:34:02 PM 
Started by Ben - Last post by HeroHog
The suicide rate for trannies is north of 40%, a parent that does this to a child deserves whatever is coming.

But the CHILD doesn't! Grumpy Old Man

 on: Today at 06:41:34 PM 
Started by Ben - Last post by fistful
Depends if you are planning on using small drill bits or not, think of under 1/16" of an inch. If you are going to be on the small side, then 3/8" chuck is what you want, if you are going to be on the bigger side, then go 1/2"

OK, I hadn't really thought about that. I think, just to get my money's worth, I'll get the 1/2" chuck, and keep plenty of hex-drive drill bits on hand in those really small sizes.

 on: Today at 06:37:37 PM 
Started by Hawkmoon - Last post by fistful
The biggest moral busybody's tend to be the most deviant.

Please don't make us correct both your spelling and your logic.

 on: Today at 06:22:41 PM 
Started by Hawkmoon - Last post by fistful
Wanting to know that the President of the United States was actually born in the United States is now ... RACIST!

Dude, welcome to 2008 (or 2007?).

And having anything less than rock-solid, unshakeable, strap-on-a-suicide-vest-and-die-for-your-beliefs faith that Barack Obama is a natural-born (and virgin-born) citizen of the United States - also racist.

It's always been annoying to me that the media were never called out for making Barack Obama's place of birth some kind of article of faith, that all good people were supposed to somehow intuitively know. Just like they (and the rest of America) pretended to be embryologists, when Todd Akin made his ill-fated comments about rape and pregnancy.  rolleyes

 on: Today at 06:18:32 PM 
Started by Ben - Last post by 230RN
Get the 1/2".  If you have to use smaller diameters, chuck a pin vise into the 1/2" chuck, and the tool into the pin vise.

However, guiding a small tool (e.g. 1/16" bit) chucked into a heavy hand drill results in a high breakage rate unless you're stone cold sober, had a good night's sleep, and had no coffee since Tuesday.

 on: Today at 06:12:59 PM 
Started by Fly320s - Last post by 230RN
^ Would multiple parallel easily replaced / flushed fuel filters have cured that problem?

 on: Today at 05:07:41 PM 
Started by Kingcreek - Last post by RoadKingLarry
Four of the planes in this picture come from older family.
Two were from my grandpa, 1 from dad and one from my uncle (dad's older brother).
I use all of them at least a little
Bottom to top:
Stanley #60
Miller's Fall #8 -Grandpa
Stanley #4 -Grandpa
Wood River #4-1/2
Stanley #5 -Dad
Stanley #7 -uncle

 on: Today at 04:59:34 PM 
Started by Ben - Last post by RoadKingLarry
Seriously. I'll happily die as long as I know SMOD gets all these jackwads as well.

That's where I'm at. Meteor strike or plague or a little of both. I have no higher chance of survival than anyone else but either way, at least I won't have to listen to the inane blather of the libtards any longer.

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