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 on: July 05, 2020, 05:32:25 PM 
Started by MillCreek - Last post by MechAg94

"I'm not advocating slavery or think that it was right. It wasn't and none of my friends think it was. It was just something that happened. It didn't just happen in the South Ś it happened worldwide."

Besides, "slavery was a choice," she added, because slaves had a choice to die.

"And I say that because of what Patrick Henry said: 'Give me liberty, or give me death.' If we went back to that kind of slavery Ś no I couldn't do it. Give me death," she explained.

 on: July 05, 2020, 05:25:10 PM 
Started by ConstitutionCowboy - Last post by ConstitutionCowboy
if this was facebook i could click "like".

I agree for the most part but i am not familiar with the language of the amendments mentioned -so I'm merely pretty sure I agree with you.

Things really do seem to be heating up, don't they?
Hopefully, after the our benefactor and commander is relelected, things will calm down a bit.

can we just wall off L.A - deport all the liberals there - like a two state solution or something?

Here is some clarity.

The Sixteenth Amendment allows the income tax which is a way for the government to underhandedly control your behavior, keep you under the threat of imprisonment if you don't pay up, and inhibit your ability to become independently wealthy or self sufficient. The government could now tax the successful and hand out largess to buy votes to keep them in power.

The Seventeenth Amendment converted the Senate from a body with equal representation from each state to nothing more than another house of representatives of the people, albeit more still more powerful than the House of Representatives. The Senate was originally designed to represent the interests of the individual states through appointment of the senators by each state's legislature. For all intents and purposes, it froze out the several individual states say in the control of the power of the Union, stripping them of sovereignty and converted the federal government to a national government, subject to the unlimited will of the people. In other words, now the people could vote themselves goodies from the largess of the national coffers: Tax the rich to feed the poor, so to speak. Competition between the several states for attracting business, etc., has been reduced. No senator who has been appointed by the legislature of his state is going to vote for anything that would strip his state of its sovereign power, or overburden his state's people with unnecessary taxes to support any program that would not directly benefit them.

That one word in Section 4 of the Fourteenth amendment is the difference between not questioning the validity of the government's power to pay for the debts it owed to those who aided in a civil war or insurrection, and not questioning any debt the government decided to incur. "Including" says all debts incurred, not to exclude the debt incurred for a civil war or insurrection, whereas if it was the word "for", then only the debt incurred for a civil war or insurrection shall not be questioned. No one could challenge a debt incurred for anything else as it stands now. It was obviously a power grab. Well, maybe not so obvious at the time to enough people but it was a power grab nonetheless. I, for one, would like for We the People to be able to challenge the tons of money given to other countries called 'foreign aid', or grants to foreign companies to study things like the Covid virus (resulting in the virus released on us), or monies spent on the many dastardly agencies, bureaucracies, and departments that the feral government uses to interfere with our private lives, how we use our lands, hold their thumbs on business, support the murder of our unborn to name a few.

As individual sovereign states without the feral government in the way, yes, we might be able to ship all the liberals to California.  grin Actually, with restored competition between the states with no 'refereeing' by the feral government, the several states would come to a relatively balanced condition naturally. States with liberal welfare programs would attract welfare dependent people while at the same time repulse the wealthy who would be taxed to support the welfare programs. Welfare programs would be pared down to only support he truly needy, which would in turn entice businesses to come to that state for the tolerable taxation.


Edited to correct spelling, 07/06/2020  1:27 PM CDT

 on: July 05, 2020, 04:49:18 PM 
Started by MillCreek - Last post by MillCreek
I never thought I would say this, but I have joined the electric bicycle club. I am going to Orthopedics later this week to see what they have to say about my bilateral hip pain and reduced range of motion.  I have dug out the PT exercises from my bout of trochanteric bursitis a few years back, and have been doing them for about 2.5 weeks.  I have not noticed a change in the pain level or range of motion, which does not fill me with optimism.

I was casting about for what I could do to stay on a bicycle, if I could not throw a leg over my road/MTB bikes. Some people in my informal riding club have gone over to the electric side, and they seem pretty happy about it.  I was looking to see if I could find an electric bike with a low stand over height so I could mount and dismount it, and one made with quality components that I could work on myself, at least the mechanical components.  

So to make a long story short, I have just came back from the electric bike shop, where I ordered a Tern HSD 8si:  It has a Shimano Nexus 8 internal hub, A Gates carbon belt, Magura hydraulic brakes, a Bosch Active Line Plus mid-drive motor and 400 watt Bosch power pack.  It can carry an impressive amount of cargo, which bodes well for riding to the local microbreweries and coming home with a crate of beer. I took a test ride and was amazed how the motor even on the low setting made the hills so much easier.  And I was pleased to discover that I could turn off the power altogether and just pedal normally.  On the flat in top gear and power off, I was easily cruising at 20 mph plus.  Years ago, I had a Dahon Mu XL with a Nexus 8 internal hub, and I loved that bike.  The fact that the Tern is a cousin of the Dahon with a similar layout sealed the deal.  The price is the same as a decent used car, but it should last me for a long time.

So come what may, I will have at least one bicycle I can ride.  I will be diligent with any recommendations for treatment, etc., but if I still can't get on the motorcycle by this time next year, I might as well sell it.

 on: July 05, 2020, 04:31:50 PM 
Started by Big Hairy Bee - Last post by WLJ
Sometimes it's not a good thing to have friends in high places ...

Because they often have friends in low places.

 on: July 05, 2020, 03:57:02 PM 
Started by Hawkmoon - Last post by ConstitutionCowboy
Hey!  You talkin' 'bout my electrode's current carrying capacity?  'Zat what yer sayin', boy?

(Hams are pretty generally aware of lightning protection.  I had a lightning arrestor on my feed line, but I would also short my 'toony to ground if it was threatening out there.)

Men our age jess need to be careful izzall..... too many youthful pulchritudinous prospects out there Jess lookin for experienced gents to show them whats missin in their life for us to be sportin' shorted electrodes! (When you short your feed line to ground, doesnnit chafe your 'toony?)


 on: July 05, 2020, 03:48:04 PM 
Started by Ben - Last post by zxcvbob
FYI, Bucks sells a 110 Auto. I would have bought one during g their factory sale but they are not LH friendly. Sad


The Ganzo posted above looks interesting, but they don't make a LH version.  Then I looked up whether they are legal here, and they are not so it doesn't matter. Sad  (Also Heritage revolvers are illegal here.
 I found that out when Cabela's had them on sale and I drove to Oronoco to buy one, only to be told they are not for sale in this state)

 on: July 05, 2020, 03:38:29 PM 
Started by Ben - Last post by BobR
FYI, Bucks sells a 110 Auto. I would have bought one during g their factory sale but they are not LH friendly. Sad


 on: July 05, 2020, 03:34:13 PM 
Started by zxcvbob - Last post by Ben
Protestors in Atlanta killed an 8 year old girl whose family inadvertently drove into the protest area. Multiple shots from the crowd struck the car and killed the girl. Like the comments say, why isn't this top news in the MSM? This was the first I heard about it:

I say again, there should be a standing "shoot on sight" order for all protestors blockading public transportation routes.

 on: July 05, 2020, 03:30:12 PM 
Started by Ben - Last post by zxcvbob
Yeah. They seem to be the beez neez of the auto world, however YBMV  Tongue

It seems that autos are the way to go if you fancy your pocket knife a defensive tool as well.

That's probably why they are illegal in Minnesota. 

 on: July 05, 2020, 03:08:08 PM 
Started by Ben - Last post by Blakenzy
Protech are supposed to be pretty good. They have a few models that are under $150:

Yeah. They seem to be the beez neez of the auto world, however YBMV  Tongue

It seems that autos are the way to go if you fancy your pocket knife a defensive tool as well.

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