How do you clean your keyboard?

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I have a ton of lint and general crud on my keyboard and was wondering what you folks use to clean yours.  As it is now, my off-white keyboard is becoming more and more tan-brown.

Greg L:
There is usually a daily cleansing of diet coke or coffee that gets spewed when someone here says something quite witty .

I guess you could (turn off the computer first) get a mild detergent solution, lightly dampen a cloth with it & scrub.  Compressed air to get the lint out from under the keys.

Unless it is a really expensive keyboard though it might just be easier & a better use of your time to go buy another $10 one at Best Buy or Office Depot or wherever the next time that you happen to be passing by one.  

Depending of course on just how long/detailed you plan on this cleaning to be.

I use a soft brush that came with my ThinkPad, or a soft 1" paint brush to "sweep" lint .  

I use pipe cleaners and long wooden Q-tips  to get under keys, sometimes I do "pop off" the key if a large pc is hard to remove. Isopropyl Alchol on a Q-tip  or Pipe Cleaner to clean the keys. Mine are black with white letters.

I don't know why I never use Canned air like Dust Off at home - I have used it at College.

With the LED monitor I have -  I use a Swiffer[tm]  dust cloth , dry of course.

I find the Swiffer to work well on CRT monitors as well.   Granted at school where  I sometimes use CRT monitors , those individiual packets of Alcohol swabs do clean very well.  Like you see Nurses clean an area before giving a shot.  You can buy a box of them at Drug Stores.


I usually go to Frys and buy another when they get real bad.  If you turn your keyboard upside down and tap it on the desk you might be surprised all the stuff that is in there.  Compressed air works well too.  The actual surface of the keyboard can be cleaned with a damp rag if you're careful not to squeeze any liquid into the keys.

Dave Markowitz:
You can clean a keyboard under a running faucet or put it in the dishwasher.  You don't need to use any soap and in fact I'd recommend against it.

I've done it under a faucet and it works well.  The main thing to remember is to let the thing dry for a few days before reconnecting it to your PC.  (I have an extra keyboard or two laying around so this isn't a problem for me.)


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