Bugs Bunny gets made over stupid "EXTREME Style"

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I'm sure many of you guys have read about the new version of Bugs Bunny that the [word removed just in case Art's Grammaw shows up] at Warner Brothers have planned.


Well here's a nice (no, not nice) parody of it
WARNING: EXTREME LANGUAGE ... Don't watch this at work or where there are children around...the bad words are "beeped" out, but not well

Well Buzz Lightyear, I mean Buzz Bunny and them look dumb and sound dumber from the looks of things. How sad...

I actually liked the Batman Beyond series, but doing this to these characters?

OMG.  Instant forward.

Happy Bob:
Saw a report on it on TV last week. To my eye, they look like parodies of 1940s "futuristic" characters.


I think the legacy is intact, he said. If anything, its an homage to the legacy instead of a destruction of the legacy.
Hm.  Nope.  Definitely destruction.  I'm sure of it.  How utterly sad.  I'm going to go watch some of the censored Warner Brothers cartoons now.

Chuck Jones must be rolling in his grave.



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