I think its time to buy a new car

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Well it looks like I am most likely going to be moving to Austin, TX unless some unforseen circumstances arise.  My current ride, while reliable, is not really suited for Austin, TX summers.  I am driving a 2002 Ford Ranger XL, 4-cyl, man trans and NO AIR!  Probably the most short sighted purchase I have ever made because it has no options and is the truck that nobody wants...even me!  I can either keep it or cut my losses and trade it in on something nicer that I would be happy to keep for a long time...I am pretty much thinking of trading it in while I am still up north and buying something new.

Cost will be about 25K

I have a pretty broad list of vehicles that I am considering with one of the frontrunners being the Subaru Legacy GT (turbo 2.5, manual).  I want at least 200 hp and would prefer a manual tranny.  Four doors is a plus as well since kids are only about 2 years away.  Any other suggestions from you guys?  I don't think I want to get an SUV or another truck right now.  Thanks!

Harold Tuttle:
200hp and kids are mutally exclusive

you are here by doomed to a Plymouth Voyager

fer giggles, take gander at the Honda Element, Ford Escape or the Chevy Equinox
their not 200hp torque laden depleaters of the Anwar,
but they are afordable, practical vehicles.

Edited because I'm an idiot and can't read.


Take a look at the Toyota Camry

Subaru's are great up here in the cold white north because of the AWD, but I don't see any reason for paying the gas mileage penalty for it down in texas.

I test drove a 2002 nissan altima and was very impressed. It's available with a ~250hp v6 and manual transmission (5 or 6 sp depending on year). That's what I'm probably going to get for my next car. The maxima is a similar sized car but a more luxurious interior, also available with the same v6 and manual trans.


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