So what's everone paying for gasoline?

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Mike Irwin:
Over the past couple of weeks the price of crude oil has been slipping quite a bit, as have gasoline futures.

Oil's down nearly $20 a barrel, and gasoline futures are down nearly 35 cents. (Home heating oil is also dropping, but not nearly as much).

Slowly we're seeing prices move lower at the pump.

At the station nearest me, a Citgo, the price for regular is $3.15 a gallon, which is about as low as I've seen it in my area.

Noticed this morning here in Tulsa that gas is getting close to $2.80 a gallon for regular and then premium (91 octane) that I use in my bike is at $3.10.  I would guess there might be a few places in the area where it is nearing $2.75 for regular.

It's down around 2.90 here, with some places as low as 2.80.

Ames, IA

I run premium in my supercharged pickup truck, so I paid $3.64 for 91 octane last night.

87 E-10 is $3.06 and 87 non E is $3.26

Des Moines, IA (35 miles south) I went there for work in afternoon yesterday.

87 E-10 $2.99
87 no E $3.19
91 $3.29

Here 25 miles north of Seattle, I filled the motorcycle up at Costco yesterday for $ 3.24/gallon of regular.  Which is down five cents per gallon from when I filled up the Ford at Costco last week.


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