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Medically-themed TV shows donate their stock of PPE to the cause.


A possible cure:

I'm guessing they ramped up testing on those potential cures, so we should know in a few days if they pan out or not.  I pray to God that it works.

I pooped today!

I finally have the time to devote to a couple projects.
Iím taking the doors off the Jeep to rebuild the hinge bushings, clean up some corrosion and repaint the hinges.
There are hard nylon bushings to replace the original zinc sleeves. The previous owner must have inserted the plastic ones without removing the zinc ones. Wondered why the doors were always so stiff. I had to use a floor jack under the doors to get them off. I had to fab a small curved chisel to get the corroded zinc things out.
I also mounted a cheap or maybe free harbor fright magnetic tool holder to the side of my tear down cart and bent some flat stock for tape holders and hooks that I can move or remove as desired. Donít know why I never thought to do that before. I have everything I need here or I can make it.
Heated garage, good coffee, good music, and lots and lots of time.
Illinois is on lockdown but we are healthy and well supplied and fortified. Sun is finally shining and I expect the wife will want to go for a walk on our country road this afternoon. Probably while the ribs are in the smoker.

I didn't die in my sleep. It can only get better from there. I had some parts I have been waiting for arrive for the bike (motorcycle) so I can get it ready to ride this weekend, the best kind of social distancing. :)



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