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The virus has been battled so successfully that a huge Army field hospital built by hundreds of troops inside a Seattle convention center last week will be dismantled ó having never treated a single patient. The mobile hospital will be sent to another state that is still seeing a daily increase in the number of cases and hospitalizations, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said....

 Washington state officials returned more than 400 ventilators to the federal government, which they also didnít need.



The Chinese governmentís mismanagement of the covid-19 outbreak, and how the United States should respond, are caught up in the partisan politics of Washington. But around the country, Americans in both parties increasingly agree that the United States needs a tougher, more realistic China strategy that depends less on the honesty and goodwill of the Chinese government.

The liquor store in town had sliced pineapple. It's a small place an old KC southern passenger train car. But it made my day.

My wife's birthday dinner got killed by this virus so today was 27 years for us so a pineapple upside down cake is her favorite. It was awesome.

Mike Irwin:
I got a text from my credit union today that my Kung Flu stimulus will be deposited to my bank account on April 15.

Hello new rifle!*

When I can actually find one in stock.


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