Need info on where to buy camo netting

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The two large windows in the living room face west - the sun beating in those windows can be brutal.  I built a couple of frames out of steel pipe and have been using two 10' x 20' tarps on them to shade that side of the house.  The problem is we get some high winds here, so I either have to take the tarps down or rig them up with one side loose using weights to hold that side down, but still allow it to flap in the wind instead of acting like a large sail & taking the framework somewhere else.

This year I'd like to try using camo netting to provide the shade.  I've been looking on the Interwebs, Amazon & eBay, damn there's a lot of offerings out there.  Some are too light, some ship from China, some are outrageously priced. 

I'd like something that'll last a couple of years, SWMBO likes the look of the blue camo. 

Where's your favorite place to buy something like this?


Not sure which of these is worth buying.  Just remember seeing it.

Not camo but pretty durable stuff.

Privacy fence and plant some shrubs? Remove the fence when the shrubs get tall enough.

I have a huge picture window, I use a curtain.


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