How much will your Corona stimulus payment be?

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I make under the threshold and, to the best of my knowledge, have never replicated. So the government will be kindly increasing my refund at the base 1200 for me.

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The size of our welfare state will be of a magnitude larger after this event.

The entire service/retail sector is demolished. Unskilled labor market, demolished.

They're all going to be going on unemployment and eventually welfare.

We all know which party is the party of the welfare state.

The Republicans will now embrace the welfare state and out Dem the Dems.

No vote, not a shot fired and the transition to Democratic Socialism is complete.

Makes me wonder where the big money is going.  If you figure an average of $1000 per US citizen, multiply by the population, and it comes to "only" 300B.  That leaves 1.7 Trillion.  How is that apportioned?

The ONLY people who "make out", in the short term, are those living on the government dole and/or Social Security/Military Disability, the rest of the country will have to pay for that "stimulus/handout/relief" with their taxes. Eventually, the rest will pay through inflation and benefit reductions. :old:

HR sent us an email this week about sick leave provisions in the bill. Apparently companies are obligated to provide 2 weeks of additional paid sick leave, above and beyond whatever amount of sick leave they previously offered. It's only applying to employees who actually catch the virus or maybe who have to care for somebody in their family who did (I can't remember).

 I wonder how they prove the person had coronavirus, consideration the testing situation ("I feel a tickle in my throat...).

Also, some people I know already were granted extra sick leave by their companies before this. I wonder if those companies have to still give them more.


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