Mandatory masks?

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Our illustrious governor has just declared “No mask, no work, no service, no exception,” DeWine said at Monday’s press conference.  He seems to be tiptoeing along the line of mandatory, stopping just short of it by saying in the official release (  that "1. Recommend face coverings for employees and clients/customers."

I'm getting really sick of being told "you must do this thing of questionable efficacy because Kung Flu".  And what's worse,  is everyone is going along with it without question.

What do you guys think of this?

If businesses or organizations want to require masks that's fine. No shirt, no shoes, no mask, etc.
If governments want to strongly encourage masks (and hand washing), that's fine too. Have the health department make their sales pitch.
Mandatory from the government is unacceptable save for some very limited exceptions like maybe hospitals.

Brad Johnson:
If mask supplies are limited and not easily accessible then requiring them as a condition of employment is essentially a de facto ban on employment. I can't see that going unchallenged in court. Also, even though it's a "recommendation", the employers who see it as edict better be prepared to ante up... requiring PPE as a condition of employment also comes with the requirement that it be employer-provided.

Attorney General Barr has issued an unambiguous statement that onerous or unrealistic regulations will be getting the Federal Stinkeye Treatment. Our illustrious state politicos would to well to pay heed.


I agree it shouldn't be a absolute requirement imposed by .gov. 

The thing about masks that makes me look askance at them is at first we were told that they're not effective,  even counterproductive.  Now,  we're being told THOUGH SHALT USE THY MASKS OR ELSE .....

I have not  been able to find any.  A month ago I ordered some from Amazon and those are due in mid May!   A week ago I found, also on Amazon, a smaller order with a faster delivery date,  and they're due tomorrow.

I think a lot of people are having a more difficult time acquiring them.   As Brad Johnson said,  this could be a de facto ban  on employment and we really truly need to get this economy spun up again.

Quote from: TommyGunn on April 28, 2020, 07:05:38 AM

The thing about masks that makes me look askance at them is at first we were told that they're not effective,  even counterproductive.  

That was idiotic and blatantly false right from the start. If masks were effective for health care workers, then they were effective for everyone.


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