Snowbird down

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It would appear the plane caught fire after takeoff from a witness in the BBC report


Witness Annette Schonewille told CBC News: "The one plane continued and the other one, there was two puffs, it looked like puffs of smoke and one... was a ball of fire," she said.

"No noise, it was strange, and then the plane just did a cartwheel and fell right out of the sky. Just boom, straight down, and then a burst of black, black smoke."
One dead after Canadian Snowbirds jet crashes into home

Update – Canadian Forces member killed, another injured after a Snowbird plane crashes into Kamloops house

No word yet if Trudeau is going to ban assault planes


    The RCAF has suffered another tragic loss of a dedicated member of the RCAF team. We are deeply saddened and grieve alongside Jenn’s family and friends. Our thoughts are also with the loved ones of Captain MacDougall. We hope for a swift recovery from his injuries. – Comd RCAF

    — CF Snowbirds (@CFSnowbirds) May 18, 2020

    A Nova Scotian storyteller, she was a journalist before joining as a Public Affairs Officer.

    Across Canada and the United States, she brought stories and smiles.
    She was one of us, our sister.

    Captain Jenn Casey died today.

    Please say her name.
    Remember Jenn.


    — Canadian Forces in 🇺🇸 (@CAFinUS) May 18, 2020

Will Canada count this as a Covid-19 death?

Video and photos of the incident plus some details of the team, plane, and the ejection system.
It would appear the fire/smoke reported by a witness in the BBC report was from the ejection.

Snowbirds CL41 Tutor Crash 17 May 2020

French G.:
This is what I worried about when we started those stupid flyovers. Unnecessary combination of combat aircraft and densely populated areas. Never a big fan of air shows, too much risk, no reward. As for this one my bet is engine ate a bird and then spontaneously disassembled.


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