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I've got a 2015 JKU Rubicon.  I put a Poison Spyder front bumper on it 18 months ago, it's been great.  Even used it to haul a friend's Expedition off a rock that it got high centered on.

I want to swap out the back bumper with something of similar quality, with some recovery shackle points.  Poison Spyder makes a "Bruizer" bumper that fills the bill perfectly.  Even retains the Class III hitch I need to pull my trailer.  And they offer a spare tire carrier to replace the door mounted one.  My tailgate tire carrier has been squeaking ever since I changed from OEM rims to aftermarket ones with a bit more hub offset to widen the stance, and going to a stronger tire carrier has been a desire for awhile.

However, I also want to get a heavy duty roof rack installed.  None of this drill the roof or clamp to the gutters stuff though.  The two I'm most interested in, are Gobi Stealth and Warrior MOD racks. 

These types of racks have rear support pillars that bolt to the bumper/frame junction.  I'm concerned that if I go to an aftermarket bumper like the PS Bruizer with spare tire carrier mounted in the same place, I may have too much going on in that rear passenger side corner for the roof rack to attach its support there.  I can't seem to find any end user reports with this particular combination of aftermarket parts.  Anyone here run a Gobi rack with an aftermarket rear bumper?

I've contacted Poison Spyder about my questions.  Got a "damned if we know" type of response that was rather underwhelming.  Also contacted Gobi.  Haven't heard back yet.

You might try asking over here -

If I was in to customizing my Jeep Poison Spyder would be a first place for me to look.

Thanks, created an account and asked over there in the JK tech forum.  Don't see Gobi or Poison Spyder as dedicated vendor subforums, but maybe I'll get lucky there.

You are in possession of a welder........make whatever brackets you need, if it can't be done stock.

My 2014 JKU Rubicon "X" has the mopar steel bumpers (10a front). I'm interested in seeing what you end up with.
I've looked at the rhino pioneer roof rack platform system and I recently saw the Maximus frame with pioneer rack that I think I like a little better (it will clear my garage header) but haven't heard any reviews. The gobi looks well made.
Can't help you on the bumper. I don't plan on changing mine.


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