Scifi books that depict extreme libertarian, minarchist, or anarchist societies?

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Quote from: lee n. field on August 06, 2007, 10:21:10 AM

...Cassini Division ...
The Stone Canal...

Man, I read those books years ago as a kid.

I must have not understood them AT. ALL.

I liked them, though; I need to find 'em again.


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Job:  A Comedy of Justice comes to mind, but not if you are an easily offended Christian.



Well, if you haven't read it, the book is almost a parody of the christian faith.  Christ turns out to be the bad guy and Satan the good guy.  It was weird but still entertaining.  Long time since I read that one. 

Not SciFi, but I might also suggest some Sacket books by Louis L'Amour.  I was mainly thinking of a series of 3 or 4 books about the original Barnabus Sacket who came to America from England.  They were entertaining and somewhat anarchist/Libertarian in a different way.

Path of the Fury - David Weber
Mother of Demons - Eric Flint
Tunnel in the Sky - Robert Heinlein
March Upcountry - David Weber
The Legacy of Heorot - Niven, Pournelle, Barnes
Rats, Bats, and Vats - Eric Flint (Not sure it fits your criteria, but I can recommend it enough.  2nd book even better)

Hard to find good SciFi that fit your categories.  Most try to involve epic battles with large govts.  3 of the above are about high Tech people stuck in low tech worlds. 

lee n. field:

Man, I read those books years ago as a kid.

Years ago?  You must not be very old.

Other books:  Vernor Vinge, A Deepness in the Sky.


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