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Title: Welcome to APS -Posting Rules and use of Nicknames
Post by: Oleg Volk on March 03, 2005, 10:18:52 PM
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to the Armed, Polite Society discussion forum. We are hosted free of charge by Geovario ( The rules of conduct here are what you would expect in any civilized home: be civil to others, don't advocate commission of capital crimes and keep the language and the imagery tame. Otherwise, all topics are welcome.

If someone treats you rudely, you may send a PM to me with the thread URL, offender name and the description of the problem. Depending on the severity of the offense, that person's account and all posts may be removed at once or we might wait until several complaints come in. Of course, anyone here can do the same if you are rude to them. That means treading lightly and being extra civil to everyone will be in your own self-interest. Keep in mind that participation in hot-button topics puts you at higher risk of accidentally offending somebody.

To prevent trolls from abusing this method and filing false accusations, I will treat deliberately filing false reports as a banning offense as well. It may happen the first time, or may happen the third time, but no self-styled Inquisitor will be able to get good members banned on a whim.

Of course, the easiest way to deal with problem members is to ignore them. Don't rise to the bait.

Enjoy APS forum and please be a credit to the RKBA lifestyle.

Oleg Volk
Title: Re: Welcome to APS -Posting Rules and use of Nicknames
Post by: Preacherman on March 03, 2005, 10:18:52 PM
Hello, all.  Given our influx of new members, I thought it was time to remind members of our (relatively few) posting rules on APS.

1.  Please watch your language.  No vulgarities, rudeness, or words that would make Art's Grandma blush (or swear herself!).

2.  No porn, gratuitous violence, or offensive posts.  Moderators' judgment will be the determining factor in what is offensive.  If you'd say it to a gathering in your average family living-room, you should be fine to say it here.

3.  Offensive threads will be deleted in their entirety.  Offensive posts will be deleted, leaving the original thread intact if possible.  Offenders won't be warned - if you see a post or thread of yours is gone, it means it fell foul of Rule 1 or Rule 2 above.

4.  Repeat offenders will be banned.  No excuses, no reasons needed, no argument.  The rules are simple enough.  If you can't follow 'em, don't post!

I hope this is clear.
Title: Re: Welcome to APS -Posting Rules and use of Nicknames
Post by: Jamisjockey on May 22, 2009, 07:51:46 AM
5.  If you report a post, give a reason why you're reporting it.  Sometimes its obvious, sometimes its not.  


Copying and pasting passages from or entire articles from another site to APS is strictly prohibited.

While copyright law provides for “fair use” of portions of a copyrighted work, fair use is open to significant interpretation. It’s easier and safer to avoid the entire question by not copying any of the copyrighted work.

 If you wish to call attention to an article, you must provide a link to the article along with the name of website. For example: (The Lower Thumbsuck Daily News).

 In keeping with our prohibition against “cut and paste drive by posts” (a link to an article with no substantive commentary by the poster) you must provide, in your own words, a brief summary of the article AND your reasons for believing it will be of interest to APS members.

Posts that do not follow these new guidelines for dealing with copyrighted material will be deleted and the member reminded to follow this policy. Members who continue to violate this policy may lose their posting privileges at APS.

6)  PMs are meant to be private.  If you're having a spat with another user in PM, making the contents public will open you up to personal attack and likely not garner the support of the moderator staff.  Unwanted porn or spam sent through PM should be reported, however.
Title: Re: Welcome to APS -Posting Rules and use of Nicknames
Post by: Scout26 on July 03, 2012, 06:58:45 PM
Over the last few weeks I've had to go in and fix quite a few posts because people here seem to have forgotten that nicknames (Obummer, Hildabeast, Mittens, etc.) are NOT allowed on APS.

You can use their titles, first and/or last names or any combination of those three.  But derogatory names are right out.  This is not a grade school playground.  

I'm dying to try out the Banschwerk.  
Make my day.