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Title: Any wood carvers/artists in WA/OR/ID?
Post by: sumpnz on August 17, 2011, 12:33:26 AM
Further to my lumberjack thread, we were pulling apart a massive slash pile that included the stump and root ball of apparently a fairly large maple tree.  The previous owner left it for us to deal with.  It was too big as it was for the backhoe to move so I cut off as much of the trunk as I could to lighten it up.  I wound up with a 2.5-3' long, maybe 2' diameter log that would probably best be used by someone for carving or some form of artistry.  Can't quote a moisture % but it sure seemed pretty dry.  There's some very light scorching on the bark from a previous attempt to burn it in said slash pile.  I could cut into a few rounds and split it for firewood, but that just seems like a waste.  If anyone in the PNW is interested in it let me know.  I'd be happy to do a trade of some sort.  I live near Mt Vernon, WA and a few times per year I go down to Eugene, OR to visit my folks and in-laws.  Once in a while I head to eastern WA or ID for hunting.  I'll be within striking distance of Portland the weekend before and the weekend of Labor Day.

Incidentally I also have lots of Birch and Alder logs (8-12' long, 10"-2' diameter) if anyone would be interested.  Photos available if you request them.