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R.I.P. Scout26

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 on: Today at 11:54:18 AM 
Started by WLJ - Last post by WLJ
I'm at
80-90%: False Flag. Too stereotypical over the top and too close to how the MSM wants to portray right wing groups to be real.
10-20%: They are this wacked out.

 on: Today at 11:32:42 AM 
Started by WLJ - Last post by Ben
This group just keeps getting weirder, and honestly, I continue to go back and forth on whether they are whacked out and real or false flag. Or even, as the story suggests, a real group being faked in the video similar to that Lincoln Project tiki torch stunt a while back.

 on: Today at 11:32:34 AM 
Started by HankB - Last post by Perd Hapley
Holy cow. This is CNN:

hurty words! it's white supremacy!

 on: Today at 11:05:02 AM 
Started by Ben - Last post by Ben
VDH weighs in:

Well said.

 on: Today at 11:03:30 AM 
Started by HankB - Last post by WLJ
Holy cow. This is CNN:

CNN is far extreme right wing didn't ya know?

 on: Today at 11:00:58 AM 
Started by WLJ - Last post by WLJ
Those read like supermarket tabloid headlines.  Anything about batboy?   "Brave final days of ____"?

Someone in China ate him. Think it was right before the COVID outbreak.

 on: Today at 10:59:44 AM 
Started by HankB - Last post by Ben
Holy cow. This is CNN:

 on: Today at 10:55:36 AM 
Started by Hawkmoon - Last post by ConstitutionCowboy
Despite the warning about oversimplification, and with no disrespect to the deceased, I had to wonder how come one can take a simple, readily observable thing and complicate it up enough to write a book about it and become famous as a "movement founder."

No disrespect to either the poster or the good monk, RIP, but I sure wondered about that.

Psychologists are great at doing just exactly that.

For money.

So are politicians.

For power.

I have found that my multitasking is actually a rapid sequence of single tasks.  Sometimes not so rapid.

Holy crap !  A powerful insight !  Maybe I should expand that into a book !


I'm not signing this one so nobody will know who posted it.

Sign me up for the first leather-bound copy. Autographed, if you please! =)


 on: Today at 10:39:56 AM 
Started by WLJ - Last post by lee n. field
Apparently MSNBC ha a burr up their arse over dem "traitors" with this one

Biden could make life miserable for Manchin and Sinema. And he should.

In other news

Itís not just Tucker Carlson. The rightís soft spot for Putin is also well documented.

DOJ charges Texas man with threatening to kill Georgia election officials

Mystal: Justice Thomas is a lone dissenter on Jan. 6 issues that could implicate his wife

It's not by accident SCOTUS is letting an unconstitutional law stand. It's by design.

But back to Orange Man

The Trump family is in hot water again. And Tish James does her homework.

Trump lawyer admits pushing states to skirt legal electors process

Jan. 6 rally leader turns on Trump, says he would not vote for him again

The weird, Big Lie-related gift Trump sent to every House Republican

Draft document would have had Trump order seizure of voting machines, election equipment

As bad as it gets': Trump took hits from all sides this week. What hurt him most?

Those read like supermarket tabloid headlines.  Anything about batboy?   "Brave final days of ____"?

 on: Today at 10:25:13 AM 
Started by HeroHog - Last post by HeroHog
I'm selling Terri's recently passed Nephew's items for her Aunt including a Browning Buckmark 22 with adjustable (target) sights and Gold grip medallions and a Gold trigger and am trying to determine its value. Can anyone help us out? Here's the pics:

(Click image to see full size)

If I still went shooting I'd hang on to it!  :old:

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