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Author Topic: Sourdough Biscuits  (Read 3481 times)


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Sourdough Biscuits
« on: April 14, 2018, 10:24:09 AM »

Made my first foray into sourdough biscuits this morning using my own sourdough starter. I am super happy with the results. I used the below recipe, cast iron version. The only deviation was that my dough balls were closer to the size of a peach than to a walnut, because I like my biscuits big.  =D  The dipping in butter thing gave them a really nice surface. I'm really happy with the flavor of my starter as well. I used the "wild yeast" method.

Ate one with blueberry jam, and one with orange blossom honey from the beekeeper neighbor. Super tasty. I think Gus McCrae would give me a thumbs up (other than using an oven instead of a campfire).  :laugh:
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