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Author Topic: London Broil on the pellet grill  (Read 2990 times)


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London Broil on the pellet grill
« on: August 05, 2018, 11:44:56 AM »

A couple of weeks ago I broke down and bought a pellet grill (AKA outdoor oven) and have been experimenting. Number one, it is not a smoker so I also purchased an A-Maze-N tube smoker to generate the smoke.

Last night I took the chunk of beef (AKA London Broil which is technically a method of cooking) did shallow cuts, a basic rub of Hawaiian pink salt, coarse ground black pepper, garlic and onion powder and threw it in the grill @ 220 degrees until I got am internal temp of 135 degrees. Then off to the hot charcoal grill to sear and finish off to 140-145 degrees.

I have done chicken, pork and ribs on the grill so far but the London Broil last night convinced me it was a good addition to the cooking utensils. With the A-Maze-N tube it becomes a real smoke. I will probably take my bullet smoke and turn it into a cold smoker. But back to the meat, a perfect rare to medium rare and so tender and juicy, much better than any I have ever done on the BBQ grill. I'm sold.