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COVID-19/corona virus mega thread/prepping thread

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So, is anyone actually taking any action? Either against the virus or against possible government quarantine action, or supply chain disruption?

A guy I know who uses lots of dust masks said his usual sources are out, and prices are going up on eBay.

Is there any reason to anticipate food shortages, either legitimate or caused by irrational hoarding or rationing?

I had to take my wife to the ER last night.  (Thatís another story.). Of five staff in the ER, they all had on masks until my wife confirmed that she hadnít been in China recently.  After that, all but one removed his/her mask.

Glad to be in the country. I have no immune system so I stay away from people.

As far as food goes I can walk to the pit and fish or grab a rifle and hunt.

Hank thought me just how to stay alive.

I'm heading yo Costco tomorrow.

Getting rice and beans.

Probably pick up a bunch of pasta and sauce.

I'll use it all eventually so it won't go to waste.

I picked a half gallon of whisky.


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