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So this was an interesting one. I saw a killer Lightning Deal on a mechanical keyboard, so ordered it. Out for delivery on 15DEC. I got the usual Amazon "X stops away" map notification. I was in a pasture and saw the Amazon van drive to the house around 1300. Didn't pay attention, but it was there for the usual amount of time, then drove away.

I walked back to the house and "WTF?" no package anywhere to be found. Check the Amazon app, and the "X stops away" thing says, "The driver has a few more stops to make before you get your package." I'd never seen that particular message, but tracked the truck on and off all the way until around 2100, when I saw it show up stopped at the Amazon distribution building.

For the next two days I got the "your package is on the way but late" message. This morning I finally got the "your package is lost" message. Not that I haven't had one of these "late/lost" things before, but never where the van actually made it to my house for the delivery but then didn't deliver. I'm curious how that happens. I'm kinda thinking maybe the driver accidentally grabbed my box earlier in his route, delivered it to the wrong address along with the packages they ordered, and that person now has a new keyboard that they didn't report to Amazon as misdelivered. Though I would think since the driver has to scan each package, and that is linked to the GPS, that they would know where the package was misdelivered.

One cool thing is that I haven't used the Amazon chat feature in a long while, and it is now primarily an AI (that Amazon refers to as an Amazon rep  :laugh:  ). I actually found it much, much more efficient than speaking to a live person. The AI figured out what I was talking about right away, and three clicks and less than a minute after I opened the chat, I had a replacement keyboard on the way.

How about this
Ordered a Christmas present for my daughter on Wednesday and it's a rather wide fragile item so what do they do? Order tracking shows they packed it with the 16lb bag of cat food I have on subscription which means they're both bouncing around in the the same box.  :facepalm:   I can't wait it see if it survives in one piece, suppose to be here Sat.

K Frame:
Hi, Amazon AI, my package has been lost. I need a replacement.

I'm sorry, Ben, I can't do that.

Amazon has been really good at replacing DOA, damaged, or lost items

I really dislike amazon, and avoid doing business with them when possible.  I'm not going to pay a $100 yearly fee for customer service I can get elsewhere for free.  Unfortunately, those who do not pay said bribe are worthless human scum to amazon.  

Case in point, my first order of the year with amazon was on Dec 4th:
Dec 4: Ordered
Dec 7: Shipping label created
Dec 12: USPS accepted Item
Dec 13: Arrived at Akron OH Distribution Center
Dec 17: In transit, arriving late

Two weeks and counting... I know the delay is now with USPS, but amazon did wait a week to even ship the item.  In my experience, this is very typical of them.

My amazon order before this one hadn't shipped for three days, so I ordered the same thing on ebay.  I had the one from ebay in my hand before amazon shipped my first order.  ;/

Amazon can DIAF.


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