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Author Topic: Backyard Starship  (Read 53 times)


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Backyard Starship
« on: December 08, 2022, 07:11:54 PM »

If you like sci fi adventures with a bit of humor tossed in, check out the Backyard Starship series.  If you have the Amazon Prime Kindle ten buck a month book thingy, even better as they are free on that platform.

A grandson computer wonk inherits his grampa's farm and discovers an invisible starship in the barn.  The starship is run by an AI with a sense of humor and also in inhabited by a mechanical AI warbird who is also a bit mouthy.  Seems grampa was an interstellar Peacemaker.   A guardian of the galaxy adventure begins to play out.  I'm on book 5 now.  Really fun read and well written etc etc.
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