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Author Topic: Wifi router suggestions?  (Read 1191 times)

Brad Johnson

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Re: Wifi router suggestions?
« Reply #25 on: January 22, 2021, 05:13:03 PM »


It's been a week and all is well. No issues of any kind and wifi continues to be dead stable. No follow-up issues with other equipment, either.

I took the opportunity to edit the instruction set into something more generic, to more closely align instructions to the setup menus, and to break things down to the most simplistic possible steps. Makes it longer but ultimately much easier to follow.

One quick request for the more network-savvy types... could you look at the NVG config and make sure I'm not creating a DHCP conflict? Steps 01-08 and 01-20 have the info in question. Should I set the DHCPv4 start address to xx.xx.1.2 rather than 1.1 so it doesn't conflict with the Default Internal Address, or can I leave it as is?



Instructions for setting up IP Passthrough on an NVG589 modem/gateway for use with an ASUS AC1900 router (RT-AC68U) on UVERSE service which includes both data and TV, though they will also work acceptably for packages which do not include the UVERSE TV component. These instructions also address potential Xbox Double NAT issues from the revised gateway/router configuration.

These instructions are specific to the ASUS AC1900 menus. For passthrough set up with non-ASUS routers, PART 1 instructions remain the same, but consult your equipment’s setup instructions for how to most closely mimic steps in PART 2.

If you have an Xbox and are experiencing Double NAT warnings after making the changes below, skip to PART 3 for the resolution.

Before beginning PART 1 it is strongly recommended you do a full factory reset of your NVG589 to erase any custom settings and restore all defaults. This can be accomplished by pressing and holding the RESET button until the front panel lights cycle through Red and the power lights goes back to Green (appx 15-20 seconds). Leave the router undisturbed for at least ten minutes for the router to completely reset and reboot before proceeding. Be aware this step will reset all device login and WiFi security parameters to those printed on the device label. Any custom settings will be deleted.
PART 1: NVG589 IP Passthrough Configuration

01-01) Locate and write down the DEVICE CODE printed on the NVG589 ID label. You will need this code at least once. Pay careful attention as the code is case sensitive.

01-02) Unplug all ethernet cables. This includes cables for WAP and UVERSE TV boxes. The only cables connected to the gateway should be power and the incoming service cable to the gateway’s DSL/Broadband port.

01-03) Plug the computer being used for programming into LAN port 1.

01-04) Login to the NVG589 (

01-05) Go to 'Home Network' then 'Subnets & DHCP'.

01-06) Leave the Device IPv4 address as (or the default value listed).

01-07) Leave the Subnet Mask as (or the default value listed).

01-08) Change 'DHCPv4 Start Address' to (or the above default Device IPv4 address, but with a .1 at the end rather than .254)

01-09) Change 'DHCPv4 End Address' (or the DHCPv4 Start Address above, but with a .253 at the end rather than .1).

01-10) Click 'SAVE' at the bottom.

01-11) Under 'Home Network' go to 'Wireless'.

01-12) Turn off wireless.

01-13) Click 'SAVE' at the bottom.

01-14) Under 'Firewall' go to 'Packet Filter'.

01-15) Click DISABLE PACKET FILTERS. Delete or disable any remaining Packet Filter Rules. There will be no SAVE button on this page.

01-16) Under ‘Firewall’ go to ‘NAT/Gaming’.

01-17) Delete any entries. There will be no SAVE button on this page.

01-18) Under 'Firewall' go to 'IP Passthrough'.

01-19) Set the ‘Allocation Mode’ to ‘Passthrough’.

01-20) For 'Default Server Internal Address', enter (or the value used for ‘DHCPv4 Start Address’ above).

01-21) For 'Passthrough Mode', select 'DHCPS-Fixed'.

01-22) For ‘Passthrough Fixed MAC Address’ enter the MAC address for your ASUS AC1900 router using the standard xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx format. On some ASUS router labels the address is printed without fields separated by colons, merely a sixteen-digit alphanumeric string. Simply split characters into two-digit groups and insert colons when entering the string.

01-23) Click SAVE. Do not reboot if prompted.

01-24) Under ‘Firewall’ Go to 'Firewall Advanced'.

01-25) Set all items to OFF.

01-26) Click SAVE.

01-27) Close your browser window and unplug your computer from the NVG589.

01-28) Reboot the router by disconnecting power for ten seconds.

PART 2: ASUS AC1900 Downstream Router Configuration

Please Note – These instructions presume your router’s preliminary set up has been done (network names, SSID, wifi login info, etc.). If not, please do so before continuing.

02-01) Ensure no cables except power are plugged into the device.

02-02) Plug the computer being used for programming into LAN port 1.

02-03) Login to the router (

02-04) Under ADVANCED SETTINGS select LAN

02-05) In the LAN IP tab, change the IP address from to

02-06) Click APPLY (In some instances your router may reboot. The process can take several minutes. When done, log back into the router using the new IP address)

02-07) Under ADVANCED settings, select WAN.

02-08) In the INTERNET CONNECTION tab, set WAN Connection Type to ‘Automatic IP”.

02-09) Click APPLY.

02-10) Turn off or power down your router.

02-11) Disconnect the programming computer.

02-12) Connect your router to the NVG5xx by running a cable from LAN port 1 on the NVG to the blue WAN port on your router.

02-13) Power up the ASUS router at let it finish booting. This can take 5-10 minutes and the panel indicators may cycle several times.

02-14) Once your router is fully booted, check network connectivity by plugging a computer into one of the ASUS router’s LAN ports. If satisfactory, finish connecting cabled devices other than the UVerse TV boxes/WAP to the ASUS router. Check WiFi connectivity at this time by connecting to wifi using the login parameters set during the router's initial setup. If satisfactory, log remaining wireless devices onto the ASUS router.

02-15) Reconnect all UVERSE TV equipment to the NVG5xx router’s LAN ports. Allow 5-10 minute for everything to reconnect and stabilize, then reset each UVerse TV box (either power-out reset or use the Reset button). Test for connectivity immediately after reconnection, then again approximately one hour later to allow for any DHCP cycling.

If all seems well, congratulations. You are done.

PLEASE NOTE - From this point forward, UVERSE TV devices (tuner boxes or WAP) will be the only network items physically connected to the NVG589. All other cabled network connections should be to the ASUS router.

PART 3: XBox Double NAT Resolution

03-01) Ensure your XBox is on and connected to the network. If it is not connected the steps below will not work.

03-02) From the ASUS Home Screen (Network Map), look in the Client Status box to ensure the XBox is connected and showing. Jot down the XBox’s MAC address for reference.


03-04) Select the DHCP Server tab.

03-05) In “Enable Manual Assignment’ select Yes.

03-06) In the ‘Manually Assigned IP…’ section, click the drop-down arrow and allow the list to populate. Select the XBox (if not listed by title, look for the MAC address you jotted down).

03-07) You can type a pre-determined IP address into the IP Address field or simply leave the default value in place.

03-08) Click ADD and allow the router to finish reconfiguring. A progress indicator will appear on screen. This can take up to a minute.

03-09) Click APPLY.

03-10) In your Xbox's Network Settings menu, check to see if the Double NAT error has been corrected.

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Brad Johnson

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Re: Wifi router suggestions?
« Reply #26 on: February 24, 2021, 02:42:18 PM »

A month on and all is well. Very well, actually. Bordering on superb. No more intermittent wifi funkiness, wild transfer rate oscillations, or random and unexplained buffering. Signal, both wired and wireless, tests dead stable every time. Noticeable latency reduction, almost no jitter, and graphs are usually a nice, flat line rather than the ragged, inconsistent silliness I got with the gateway-only setup. Wish I'd done this a long time ago.

Went ahead and posted similar instructions to the AT&T forum. Maybe it will help someone else. Also makes for a better place than APS to link if you know someone who could use the help.

It's all about the pancakes, people.
"And he thought cops wouldn't chase... a STOLEN DONUT TRUCK???? That would be like Willie Nelson ignoring a pickup full of weed."

Phantom Warrior

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Re: Wifi router suggestions?
« Reply #27 on: February 25, 2021, 08:20:44 PM »

I've never heard of anyone replacing the company provided equipment and not being much, much happier with their own equipment.  Sounds like you've had the same experience.  Glad everything worked out.
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