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R.I.P. Scout26

Author Topic: So Fake It Hurts  (Read 147 times)

Brad Johnson

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So Fake It Hurts
« on: March 18, 2021, 10:01:20 AM »

Bloomberg shares a video the White House posted of Biden supposedly walking up to reporters and answering a question. Problem is it's so fake it hurts. It appears someone took a video of him walking out to Marine One and comped in (digitally inserted) a bunch of reporters and sound equipment. It's bad. Really bad. Like "80's Saturday Morning Kid Show Special Effects" bad.

It's no longer showing up on the White House youtube feed but Bloomberg was kind enough to repost it. Better yet, they presented it as if it was real.

Of course, the TDS Sheep and Biden Sycophants are lapping it up and spreading it as genuine. Even worse, it was an official White House release. Had it been something spun up by a pro-Biden or anti-Trump fringe group, that would be par for the course. But for the White House to put out something like this? It's insulting, juvenile, petty, and only serves to reinforce that they are nothing more than street hustlers in expensive suits.

It's all about the pancakes, people.
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