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Author Topic: XBox Series X (Un)availability  (Read 107 times)

Brad Johnson

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XBox Series X (Un)availability
« on: August 12, 2021, 12:20:58 PM »

AKA "Damn... that was quick."

Been wanting to upgrade to a Series X. This morning, WalMart had on their web site that the Series X would be available as of noon EST today. Had a browser window open to the product page along with a browser window showing UTC time. At 11:59 and about 45 seconds I started clicking refresh on the product page every couple of seconds. At 12:00:01 the page refreshed to the same "Coming Up At ... " message. At 12:00:03 the product page refreshed to Available so I immediately clicked Add To Cart. Total time between the In Stock message and clicking Add To Cart was maybe two or three tenths of a second because I was already hovering my pointer over the button location. Hey, I got this, right? Nope. It popped up instantly with a "This item is no longer in stock." message.

I knew it was a long shot because of buybots and such, but seeing it happen for real was a shocker. A restock of (presumably) at least several ten thousands of units sold out in under three seconds. Damn.  :O

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