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Author Topic: Question about the LTE feature on my watch (Galaxy Watch 4)  (Read 110 times)


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Question about the LTE feature on my watch (Galaxy Watch 4)
« on: August 22, 2021, 01:50:32 AM »

So my wife has preordered the Samsung Watch4 for me as a gift and she chose the LTE version which was a little more expensive.  I don't have a mobile plan for it yet as the official release date is August 27th. I believe I need the esim card number for activation.

I have shopped around and found a plan with T-Mobile that for $10/month will provide supposedly "unlimited" high-speed internet so long as the number is assigned to a smartwatch and not a tablet.  From my understanding, this is for a stand-alone account with its own unique phone number/account (it won't be attached to any phone). 

This is essentially what I want as I am not really happy with our current plan with Verizon but we still have time left on the contract.  I am always forgetting my phone at home when leaving for work and having a watch that can receive and send both calls and text without the need for a nearby phone is nice. 

Also, I am aware Verizon can share the number that my phone currently uses, but I don't want to share the limited data (8GB I think, shared between my phone, wife's and daughter's) from our current Verizon plan and $10/month is certainly appealing... as is the unlimited data thing. I do plan to stream music over the watch if needed as I currently do with my phone.

However, I'm now conflicted as I DO want to have texts from my phone (Galaxy S20 Ultra with Verizon plan) show on my watch when it's on me or nearby.

The questions: Can I connect my watch to my phone via bluetooth to send notifications from my phone to my watch while STILL having the watch maintain it's own, completely separate number on a different carrier?  Will my phone simply default to my phone for calls and texts when connected by bluetooth? Will it then default automatically to the newly assigned number from T-Mobile when no longer connected via bluetooth?

BTW, this is my first LTE watch and it's still Greek to me.  I usually wear a Seiko 5, Orient Trooper or Hamilton Khaki King (I like mechanical/automatic watches) but years ago I often wore a non-LTE Huawei smartwatch that I had paired with the Galaxy S6 Edge I used at the time. 

Thanks in advance!