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Author Topic: Anyone have experience with Craft Holsters?  (Read 191 times)


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Anyone have experience with Craft Holsters?
« on: September 13, 2021, 10:12:45 PM »

As I said in the Bond thread, I have a new-to-me Walther P99 (first generation).  The deal included a decent Bianchi shoulder holster and a cheap IWB suede holster.  I'm looking for other holsters, and came across the website for Craft Holsters.

They sound too good to be true.  Leather holsters for about what you pay for kydex, and they have dozens of styles for just about every handgun you can think of.  Anyone know if they are any good, or is it really too good to be true?
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Re: Anyone have experience with Craft Holsters?
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2021, 11:05:21 PM »

It says they are European... I am guessing Eastern European, thus the low price.  They carry Falco holsters, among others.  I had a makarov holster by falco years ago, and it was nice holster.  I never bought from "Craft".