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Gorilla Glue for the win...

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K Frame:
Yesterday I flopped down on the sofa (a futon sofa), leaned up against the arm, and it fell apart.

All the glue joints left loose. Nothing on the arm/end structure was screwed together, it was all glued with rather sketchy tenon joints and a few dowels. The futon is getting to be pretty old; it's at least 25 years old. I bought it from Mtnbkr when they decided to upgrade their furniture, so it's been moved around a number of times and has had to deal with my fat ass, so it has had an active life. No surprise the glue joints decided to let loose.

I need this thing to last for a few more months until I get my new sofa, so I decided to give it the Gorilla Glue treatment. I have to say... that stuff is pretty impressive and is relatively easy to work with.

Given the quality of the joint carpentry, the fact that I didn't clean all the old glue out, and that I only had 1 strap clamp where I should have had 2 or 3 to really clamp it well I really don't expect it to be a permanent fix, but hopefully it will hold long enough for me to get the new sofa ordered (last time I checked they said they wouldn't be receiving any until... January 2022).

Perd Hapley:
Gorilla Glue: not just a hair care product!

Brad Johnson:
I use the original GG when I need a "never ever gonna get this apart ever again" bond. Only downside is it tends to foam a little as it cures, so clamp up and be prepared to deal with squeeze out. Keep a can of denatured alcohol or acetone handy. You'll need it.


Better order your sofa now if you want it before the futon falls aprt.

I ordered two chairs in March.  They arrived last week.  6 months for the order and that seems to be the standard right now.

K Frame:
I had some foam out. Don't care.


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