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Flower Bombing

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Pokin' around search engines I came across the term "Flower Bombing."

Say, whut?  Who would  want to bomb flowers?  Or use flowers as bombs?  Some kind of expression of romantic love?

It all came clear at 1:50 and following:

I figured it was just a nickname for it.

Terry, groundlubber but like planes, 230RN

Sounds like someone can't spell flour correctly.

Seems to me if they were that into it, it wouldn't be too difficult to rig a release on the undercarriage and a bomb sight.  Dive bombing would be interesting also.


--- Quote from: MechAg94 on September 28, 2021, 09:09:09 AM --- Dive bombing would be interesting also.

--- End quote ---

The stress of the dive and pullout would break most aircraft.
Now if someone showed up in an old SBD or Stuka................. Any D3As still flying?

Edit: Wiki says one D3A currently under restoration

Angel Eyes:

--- Quote from: WLJ on September 28, 2021, 09:12:16 AM ---Now if someone showed up in an old SBD or Stuka....

--- End quote ---

Several SBDs still in existence:

The list at the link does not include this airworthy example, for some reason:


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