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Author Topic: Dot's Pretzels Review  (Read 65 times)


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Dot's Pretzels Review
« on: January 20, 2022, 07:48:13 PM »

Just buy a bag.
They're pretzely, and spicy, and nobody can eat just... Oh hell, grab that next handful.
I don't know how much is real, and how much is hype, but the first bag is gone, and I'm thinking of going to the store for more.
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Re: Dot's Pretzels Review
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2022, 10:48:53 PM »

I've been eating them for at least 5 years, probably longer because I don't remember when they hit the shelves here. I live the southwest flavored ones too.
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Re: Dot's Pretzels Review
« Reply #2 on: January 21, 2022, 07:38:36 AM »

Wife likes them a lot.
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Re: Dot's Pretzels Review
« Reply #3 on: Today at 12:28:15 PM »

Better than Rolled Gold or Utz?  (I like those, but not all that much)
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Re: Dot's Pretzels Review
« Reply #4 on: Today at 01:21:52 PM »

I'm Pennsylvania German, which means that I've got pretzels in my blood.

I'll come out at the start and say this...

Rolled Gold pretzels are disgusting.

If given a choice between Rolled Gold pretzels and potato chips, I'll take potato chips every time. And I really don't like potato chips all that much.

Utz pretzels are a LOT better. Their hard pretzels (and I really prefer hard pretzels) are pretty good but not the best.

Snyders of East Berlin are far better than Snyder's of Hanover.

Herrs and Wege are pretty good, as ar Martin's. Unique Splits was a smaller brand that's getting wider circulation. I can now get them here in Virginia, and they're good, especially the extra salt ones.

Bickel's made some fantastic pretzels when I was in college in the 1980s, but they slipped a bit when they were acquired by Hanover Foods Corp. And, now, Wege is a subsidiary of Bickel's.

The best, and I mean absolute best, hard pretzels come from smaller, independent bakeries that rarely get past the Pennsylvania border.

Uncle Henry's and Revonah are really the best pretzels I've ever had.

That said, I'm not sure if I've seen Dot's Pretzels or not. I'll look out for them to give them a try.
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