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R.I.P. Scout26

Author Topic: Long-Haired Hippie Freak  (Read 3906 times)


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Long-Haired Hippie Freak
« on: March 06, 2005, 03:20:48 PM »

Hey you long-haired Hippie Freak

Lewis jumped down off the picnic table, rolled over, got up and shook the grass off, grinning.

Oh - Lewis is a dog. Lewis doesn't think so. This Black Cocker Spaniel has pedigree and a name longer than the driveway where he lets his owner's reside.

Lewis likes his coat long, when you call him a "long haired hippie freak" - he likes to roll-over, and show off for some reason - only Lewis knows and he won't reveal why.


We will call this child *Tom* to protect him.

Tom was recovering from burns and a broken arm his daddy had "taught him a lesson", for trying to protect his mom from being hit again. Mom - still recovering from her injuries - suggested they go outside and get some fresh air.

Tom didn't want to go, he had turned inward. He was also very frightened and had nightmares - often waking up at night in a pool of sweat and screaming.

"Honey - Security will be right there with us. The 'bad man' doesn't know where we are. You are under a "John Doe" here at the hospital.

"Will my favorite nurse come too...I only trust her and my doctor, some kids and that other lady and ....".

The nurse was called on her day off, she came in and had discussed with  Tom that if she came in - she expected him to go outside. Tom promised.

Toms Doctor, along with the Psych Nurse, and his favorite nurse all agreed when the Folks brought the Pets to the hospital  Tom needed to be involved. Tom needed something to assist with his healing process. The ones not covered by a cast and burn bandages.

Tom did not know about the pets, it was a surprise, and the Staff wanted to see how he reacted.

The lanky fella was there at the hospital for another reason he watched as the Mom used crutches, the little boy was wheeled out in a red wagon,-hopitial policy.  The nurse unbuckled Tom from the wagon and he sat down in the grass, his mom rubbing his back as she sat on a bench. Security and Nurse close by.

Tom - scooted back, and bumped his head on the bench when he saw a saucepan being carried to a shade tree, actually it was a water bowl for the puppies.

  He had bandages covering the burns when the 'bad man' had tossed a saucepan of boiling water with eggs. After being burned, the pan repeatedly hit his arm, until his arm had been  broken. To further instill the lesson  the bad man had then picked the boy up and held his upper arm to the stovetop flames&

Tom watched the Puppies; he actually smiled for the first time in awhile. In fact he asked if he could go over there, His mom said it was okay. Holding hands with his nurse and Security right behind them  he sat down. One little puppy broke away from his handler, and made a beeline for Tom. Puppy stopped, turned his head in curious fashion, as he saw Toms cast and bandages. Puppy then started licking Toms cast.

Tom started crying, Security started to step forward, the nurse held him back. Let the boy deal with his emotions, crying is good for him.

For the first since the bad night , Tom slept all night thru, no nightmares.


The elderly lady was getting her affairs in order, Cancer. She was hoping to see the litter born; before she passed, her passion the Pedigree Cocker Spaniels. He Doctor  just could not make any promises.

The Doctor visiting her at her home this day - was not her regular Doctor; instead this one was recommended to HER for a special reason, a special little boy.

Tom was allowed to leave the hospital. He would never go back to that bad place, instead he was told he and mom would live in another house  where they could make a home. He was assured the bad man would never bother him or mom again.  Bad man was gone , and this was a different town, the bad man would never know about.

We have to do this gang said the Doctor. The favorite  nurse, the Psych Nurse, the lanky fella and others were going to make damn sure this Welcome Home was the best ever.

At first Tom was a bit confused and apprehensive when he entered the house. It was different. His Stuff was there, still he felt out of place.

 He was overwhelmed with the people in the front room; he saw his name on a banner over the fireplace. He then spied all the goodies to eat ;  There is no big people food he said&a slight grin appeared on his face. He stuck his finger into the Chocolate ice cream...he grabbed a cookie...

Wow, a back yard, with a fence you cant see in from out there&cool! Who is that lady out in my yard?

Before Tom could make it to the lady sitting in a wheelchair, something black and furry ran at him from his side. A puppy! Whose Puppy is this?

Why I believe that is your puppy young man  Spoke the lady in the wheelchair.

The folks that had walked out into the yard stayed back, respect for the moment. All they heard was Tom inquire about the scarf the lady wore,  I saw sick kids  that lost hair too, and wearing stuff to cover it  while I was in the hospital&

Coke always makes me cry  said the favorite nurse, Dabbing her eyes the Psych Nurse agreed.


Time went by and one day the lanky fella went by to visit. He made a comment to Lewis you long haired hippie freak and Lewis jumped off the seat on the picnic table and rolled over. Every time the lanky fella or Tom said it, Lewis rolled over.


Lewis needed to be cooler with the weather. Lewis whined, cried, and pitched a fit, when he got his summer cut He let everyone know  he wasnt happy.


Tom went up to the casket and looked in. He then motioned for the man in the suit , whispered words were exchanged and Tom put a envelope inside the casket.

 With help , in a childs scrawl- Mom says you are in a better place now and all healed up. Mom and I are healing up too. Thank you for Lewis; I call him Hippie Freak lots of times to get him to roll over. Here is a lock of hair from when he got a haircut.

Tom stood to one side by himself. The Graveside service was over, he wanted to make sure his envelope with the lock of hair was in the casket. They closed the casket, and Tom waited for them to lower it.

He walked back with the ladys family to his mom. I had to be sure mom, they [ family] said she would like the lock of hair and my letter.

Well young man, lets go home on check on  long haired hippie freak.

Happy Bob

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Long-Haired Hippie Freak
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2005, 09:09:49 PM »


So much in there that I'm not even going to try to make an insightful comment. You got me; that's all I'll write here.

Thank you, Steve.
(We have it made into Cowboy Hats)


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Long-Haired Hippie Freak
« Reply #2 on: March 06, 2005, 09:26:27 PM »

Another teary-eyed moment caused by sm. Thanks, that was an incredible story.
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