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Scifi books that depict extreme libertarian, minarchist, or anarchist societies?

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I'm looking for more books that have stable libertarian or anarchist societies as plot centerpieces.  These examples should demonstrate what I'm talking about:

Snow Crash
Jennifer Government

You forgot a classic..

Robert Heinlein's "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress"..


lee n. field:
Any and everything by L. Neil Smith..  For grins, look at Roswell, Texas.

Most anything that won the Prometheus Award

Sergeant Bob:
You might try some Ursula LeGuinn. She did one (can't remember the name) about a planet which was a creative anarchy.

Edited to remove the "World Public Library" link, which is no longer allowing free downloads.

Job:  A Comedy of Justice comes to mind, but not if you are an easily offended Christian.

In reading the Moon is a Harsh Mistress it is interesting to see Heinlein's view of the US and other countries as compared to today.


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